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A parking lot is a busy area with constant traffic of vehicles and pedestrians. Like anything in motion, it needs maintenance to avoid wear and tear. Common issues include faded paint and debris buildup that can impact safety and appearance.

Our maintenance plans keep your parking lot safe, clean, and presentable, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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Our Maintenance Plans


Painting Plan
Once Every 3rd Year
  • Parking lot checkup
  • Parking lot report
  • Parking lot repainting


Painting Plan
Once Every 2nd Year
  • Parking lot checkup
  • Parking lot report
  • Parking lot repainting

Keep it Fresh

Painting Plan
Once A Year
  • Parking lot checkup
  • Parking lot report
  • Parking lot repainting


High Traffic Plus

Once A Year
  • Once a year we will paint any lines, stop bars, stencils, crosswalks, curbing and traffic arrows that fade below 60% from high traffic areas.
  • (great for 2 year and 3 year maintenance plans)

Keep It Clean

April - October
  • Monthly check up & report
  • Monthly curb clean up
  • Monthly grass/weeds removal
  • Monthly nail/metal sweep
  • Monthly entrance & walkway clean up
  • Monthly garbage debris clean up


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How It Works

We offer three distinct tiers for our parking lot maintenance service:

  1. Simple Plan: Repainting once every 3rd year.
  2. Well Kept: Repainting once every 2nd year.
  3. Keep it Fresh: Repainting annually.


Pricing Structure: The cost is determined based on the accessibility and condition of the parking lot. Once the price is set, clients can choose to make monthly payments or pay the full amount per renewal year.

Payment Details: For monthly payment plans, each installment contributes towards the upcoming scheduled repaint. For example, clients on the Well Kept plan would make monthly payments for 24 months before their parking lot is repainted.

Cancellation Policy: Clients can cancel the plan by providing a 30-day notice before the scheduled repaint. In such cases, any monthly payments made will be refunded, minus processing fees. If there's no cancellation notice within 30 days, we'll assume the client wishes to continue with the plan.

No Refunds After Repainting: Once the parking lot is repainted, there are no refunds. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

Safety First Line Painting Report Cover
What is a Parking Lot Check Up & Report?

Our parking lot evaluation and reports are crafted to assist those responsible for maintaining parking lot safety amid a myriad of other tasks. We take the burden off your shoulders by monitoring your parking lot, allowing you to focus on other priorities with the assurance that your parking facility is well-managed.

Each plan includes a comprehensive parking lot evaluation and report. Our team visits your site, conducting a thorough assessment of the parking lot's overall condition. We inspect the visibility of lines and other painted elements, identify potential potholes, and pinpoint any emerging hazards.

Once we've gathered this information, we provide you with a detailed report outlining the current status of your parking lot. Should we observe any issues that demand attention, our report includes practical solutions to address them. This way, you can stay informed about your parking lot's condition and proactively address any maintenance needs.

painted handicap stalls at Comfort Inn
What is Repainting?

Our repainting service offers the flexibility of repainting your parking lot annually, biennially, or triennially, depending on the chosen plan. This ensures a consistently well-marked parking lot, alleviating any concerns about visibility. No more searching for a line painter — we've got it covered.

We initiate contact at the commencement of your renewal period to coordinate the optimal time for repainting your parking lot, streamlining the process for your convenience.

unpainted parking lot lines and curbing at TD Bank
What is High Traffic Plus

Annually, we conduct a thorough inspection of your parking lot. In high-traffic zones, such as entrance/exit ways, parking aisles, and main entrance doors, we identify any lines, stop bars, stencils, crosswalks, curbs, or traffic arrows that have faded below 60%.

As part of our service, we promptly repaint these elements, ensuring optimal visibility and safety in critical areas. This proactive approach guarantees that your parking lot maintains clear markings without the need for constant monitoring or separate arrangements for line painting.

painted handicap ramp and curbing
What is Curb Clean Up?

Our curb clean-up service involves a meticulous sweep and removal of accumulated debris along your parking lot curbing. This typically includes dirt, leaves, and occasional pieces of litter. Additionally, we address any grass or weeds growing over the curb, ensuring a neat and professional appearance.

This process not only enhances the overall cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of the curbing surrounding your parking lot but also creates a safe and clear environment for customers, particularly in front of your store, where a tidy appearance is essential.

Safety First Line Painting Grass And Weeds Removal
What is Grass/Weeds Removal?

The presence of grass and weeds can diminish the overall appearance of a parking lot, giving it an unkempt and unprofessional look. Our grass and weeds removal service involves a thorough scan of your parking lot, targeting and removing any instances of grass or weeds sprouting from the asphalt or concrete surfaces.

This ensures a clean and well-maintained appearance, contributing to a more professional and inviting atmosphere for your parking lot users.

Safety First Line Painting Nail And Metal Removal
What is Nail/Metal Sweep?

Our nail/metal sweep service involves a meticulous scan of your parking lot using a magnet hand sweeper. This specialized approach enables us to detect and pick up any nails or sharp metal objects that may be present in the area. By consistently removing these metal foreign objects, we minimize the risk of flat tires and potential injuries from accidental stepping.

This proactive measure contributes to a safer and more secure environment for both vehicles and pedestrians in your parking lot.

painted curbing at Blue Ox Pub
What is Entrance & Walkway Clean Up?

Our entrance and walkway clean-up service involves a comprehensive sweep and removal of any debris in the vicinity of your residential or business exterior entrance. We extend this meticulous clean-up to include pedestrian walkways on your property. Additionally, we address any overgrown grass or weeds that may be detracting from the visual appeal.

This service ensures that your entrance way and walkways maintain a consistently clean and professional appearance. By removing debris and addressing vegetation overgrowth, we contribute to a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment for residents, visitors, or customers entering your property.

Safety First Line Painting Garbage Cleanup
What is Garbage Debris Clean Up?

Our garbage debris clean-up service entails a thorough scan of your parking lot to identify and remove any floating garbage or debris. This typically includes items like chip bags, candy wrappers, fast-food cups, and other litter. Additionally, we address and remove any gum that may be stuck to your parking lot surface.

It's important to note that our garbage debris clean-up service specifically excludes the removal of larger items such as furniture, household items, or items of similar size. Should the need arise for the removal of such items, additional charges and fees may apply. Our primary focus is on enhancing the cleanliness of your parking lot by targeting smaller debris and litter.


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